Message of Love, the new novel by Jim Provenzano
Journalist, photographer, and author Jim Provenzano shares his much anticipated new novel, Message of Love, a sequel to the Lambda Literary Award-winner Every Time I Think of You.  Called "Instantly compelling and richly textured" by Felice Picano, Jim's latest work is a vivid story which beautifully, and honestly, captures romance and love in the early 1980s as a spreading crisis approaches.

Reading Tuesday, June 17, 2014.  7:30pm.
Books Inc. 2275 Market Street, San Francisco.

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Message of Love

the new novel by Jim Provenzano

"The sequel to the Lambda Literary Award-winning Every Time I Think of You reintroduces readers to Everett and Reid as they traverse the next phases of their relationship. It is 1980 Philadelphia, and the couple has settled into their first year at Temple University, together exploring the city and campus and adjusting to dormitory domesticity. Message of Love is a brilliant retelling of young love and the transformations it undergoes as lovers grow from adolescence to adulthood. – Philadelphia Gay News

"Message of Love is an earnest, heartfelt and refreshing continuation of a young couple’s adventures that leaves the reader excited, amused and inspired." – Edge Media

"I loved the way they interacted and wove themselves so completely into each other’s lives. The way it was written was pure genius on Provenzano’s part. I’ll say it again: his writing is gorgeous and sweeping and strong." – Boys in Our Books

"The richness of its details and the complexities of its characters will make this a story to remember. If you are new to Reid and Everett’s story, then begin with Every Time I Think of You.  If you are familiar with that novel, then Message of Love is a story not to be missed, a wonderfully satisfying and uplifting novel, certainly one of the best of 2014."– Scattered Thoughts Rogue Words

“With lively, electric prose, Provenzano conjures an epic love story. He reminds the reader that there’s always something after the murkiest of fates and will make the doubtful believe in romance again. Message of Love makes a significant contribution to disability and queer literature while touching the heart of the general reader.” ­
                  – Belo Miguel Cipriani, author of Blind: A Memoir 

“A vivid and accurate depiction of a moment in time and history, Message of Love is an honest and unsentimental portrayal of the difficulties of sustaining even the strongest relationship and is, ultimately, an inspiring validation of the power of commitment.”
                   – Tom Mendicino, author of Probation and KC, at Bat
“Sexy and uninhibitedly queer; written in a refreshing and honest tone without falling prey to the pity approach as it relates to loving somebody with a disability. Jim Provenzano’s Message of Love successfully represents positive crip and queer sexuality. Bravo!”
                 – Maria R. Palacios, author of The Female King and Criptionary
"Cyclizen is noteworthy for its fine characterization and poignant lyricism. Provenzano explores love and friendship with insight and nuance, marking his work as unique, vital and significant.” -author Trebor Healey

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"A full-fledged miracle of writing."
New York Blade

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