"PINS manages to break new ground by exploring the clannish, conflicted homoeroticism of wrestling culture. Provenzano knows this territory well, and clearly loves their obsessive, sweaty world."
-San Francisco Chronicle

" ... already making waves with audiences around the country."

Every Time I Think of You
Cyclizen: Politics on Wheels
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"Provenzano's writing fully captures the reader ... a descriptive writer of the Ernest Hemingway model .. terse, stripped down, and to the point." -- Lambda Book Report

"A presciently written novel of athletics in small town America, a grippingly real account and a chilling reminder of how far we still have to travel."
FELICE PICANO Like People in History

"A heartfelt and touching story, unwaveringly authentic and compelling. His characters wrestle with each other, vividly, and also with larger issues of sexuality, faith and family."

"While to many gay men wrestling has a strongly erotic component, sports columnist and fiction writer Provenzano does much more in this debut novel than merely glorify muscle and sweat, the strain of the pin and the friction of body on body; he also tells a taut tale of high school homophobia, of how athletic teens cope with stereotypes, prejudice and hate, and of how much the support of family and friends can mean to gay youth. It belongs on every high school library shelf. Does that make PINS sound too serious? It's also a dramatically entertaining read."
RICHARD LABONTE A Different Light Bookstore

"Jim Provenzano is a jock who writes well, thinks clearly and tells great stories, an author who balances inner and outer elements in his writing with insight, clarity and downright cheek, and an author to watch, on the book charts and on the wrestling mat."
STEVE CRUZ OutFront Colorado

"In few cultural arenas is the thorny boundary between machismo and homophobia/phila crossed save in the most stereotyped fashion, Jim Provenzano's smart Sports Complex column in The Bay Area Reporter being one notable journalistic exception."
DENNIS HARVEY San Francisco Bay Guardian

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