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"A detailed, realistic story revealing how strong GLBT youth must be to survive."
- Chicago Free Press

"PINS: a novel by Jim Provenzano" (Myrmidude Press; $14.95), though published in 1999, remained unread by this critic until recently. It is a young adult novel that should appeal to readers of all ages and a sports story that will fascinate readers who (like me) hardly know a thing about competitive sports. It deals with enough topics to fill a book: growing up ethnic (Italian-American), high school sports, teenage homosexuality, the "jock rule," anti-gay violence, teen suicide and alcohol abuse.

We read about these and other matters as we follow the coming of age and coming out of Joey Nicci, who grows and develops through experience and adversity. His periodic name change from Joey to Joseph to Joe is indicative of his development. If there is any justice in the world, "PINS" will find its way to every gay boy's library - and be made into a "major motion picture."

- Jesse Monteagudo, TWN, Florida

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