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"Provenzano has a swift and flexible style that cuts against sentiment and reveals, in moments of grace, something like true feeling. He's also funny. He has an ear for teenage banter, and he's tartly lyrical about Jersey towns, Italian families and homemade mix tapes with titles like GRAPPLE and AURGH. Most urgent, he shows how gay bashing is still an outlet for kids who grew up in the so-called gay '90s."
- John Weir, author of The Irreversible Decline of Eddie Socket, for The Advocate

"A brilliant piece of fiction. The plot is very complex with many layers, each well-developed and passionately expressed. Readers will be proud of Joey Nicci. No sensitive reader will make it to the end without giggling, anxiety, joy and tears. You'll be grateful to Jim Provenzano for sharing his novel with us."
- Eric Resnick, Gay People's Chronicle

"Not only fans of Jim Provenzano's 'Sports Complex' column, but also those interested in the well-told tale of the trauma and joy of a high school wrestler's coming out will enjoy the writer's first novel, PINS, a confident and briskly written book that deals with major themes without subordinating an engrossing story. PINS is a frequently turbulent, sometimes erotic and ultimately touching tale."
- John F. Karr, Bay Area Reporter

"PINS deals realistically with Joey's coming out to his family and dealing with the court, the media, guilt, school and his relationship with Dink. PINS has a lot going for it, not the least of which include a likable protagonist and raging teenage hormones. It's not so much a coming out story, but it is a great gay coming of age story that deserves a space on your bookshelf."
- Drew Wilson, Out Front Colorado

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